The dance of the sun and moon

The sun and moon in your chart are important indicators of how your personality and spirit work together. 

Our sun sign represents the archetypal power that guides our primary reason for being born. It shines brightly from our core and is in a continual process of birthing us to individuate throughout our entire lives. Shining our light, our creativity and expressing ourselves in this world is a true act of courage. We are sent on a journey through darkness, facing our fears, taking risks, enduring lonliness and and oftentimes heartache and it is the courage we have in our hearts that gets us through. The sun actually rules Leo (the lion) archetypally represents courage and the heart. Courage actually means heart – the word ‘cour’ in French means heart – they go hand in hand. Our sun sign represents our most natural way of being and all the other planets in our chart are there to support the sun to be realised. The sun is the centre of all life and without it there is no life. It gives out its own light from its core and represents our process of becoming authentic and individualised.

The moon however does not have its own light but receives its light from the sun. We are greeted by the moon archetype through our mother. It patterns our first impressions of nurturing and our sense of safety or not which has ramifications throughout our entire life in the way we self nurture, and care for our inner child as an adult. Psychologically it is our experience of safety and security. Our instinctual habit patterns are indicated by our moon sign, it is what we know and are familiar with and need to feel safe but is often unconscious. The moon is the feminine counterpart to the sun and our need for nurturing must be taken care of in order to successfully illuminate our solar process. They go hand in hand as the moon depends on the sun to be illuminated. 

Everything works together in the chart to make up the whole but when the sun and the moon are working together harmoniously we can propel ourselves dynamically and confidently with an inner sense of Grace and ease. 

Both luminaries shine and wane much like the seasons. If a tree loses its leaves and becomes a stick figure, is that bad? No! There is always preparation and inward work that must be done to bear fruit. Allow yourself this space to prepare, be patient with yourself when you need it, love yourself deeply when you need it. Prepare and rest when you need to. Much like the sun doesn’t shine 24/7, the moon is not always full – it is time we valued our down time as much as our up time and accepted ourselves in all our phases of preparation. 

If your sun and moon are aspected, it is of absolute importance to find a balance between Shining your light and unique gifts and your need for nurturing and inner safety as indicated by your chart. Especially if the aspects are challenging – by square, opposition or quincunx. It is important to honour each luminary’s expression and allow the natural ebb and flow of their natural way and find a pathway within yourself to allow these energies to ebb and flow as your life situation indicates. Even if sun and moon are at odds – especially if they are at odds, you must pay particular attention. Some of us may have a sun that wants to shine in the most challenging of situations and a moon that is hypersensitive and resistant ro conflict or exposure for instance- ie a sun in the 8th house and a moon in the 3rd squaring the ascendant and quincunx to the sun. There will be incredible challenge and growth to bring these energies into harmony, our own personal and internal battle – a true heros journey. When the courage of the heart is engaged, there is a marriage between sun and moon that we can all celebrate, this type of triumph and courage is deeply felt by all.

As mentioned, there are times to shine and there are times to tune into your inner world and gather a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs – a time of deep and profound listening. This deep honesty and the dance between the sun’s way of shining and expressing your unique creative signature and your moons profound inner depths of consideration for your sensitivities must be reconciled in order for you to shine in your fullness of being. This can be done most effectively as you do some inner work like meditation, inner reflection, journaling, counselling or coaching to name just a few. It is a daily on going practice to work with these two luminaries, a dance that never stops but gets much easier with time and practice… and love.

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