Walk your talk

walk-your-talk-quote1  Michele’s Soul Destiny reading for me was amazing! Her reading of astrology combined with her fabulous capacity to channel spiritual and energetic information with astounding accuracy gave me insights and directions for my life that both confirmed and challenged my understandings and plans for my self as I live in the now and test directions for the future. Her focus and connection was life affirming, and her ability to connect and explain astrological complexities on many levels was very reassuring and supportive. She has given me confidence to step in a new direction that had been flirting with my attention. I can highly recommend Michele and her wonderful multi-directional My Soul Destiny approach. Thank you Michele walk-your-talk-quote2

Suzy Butz
Megan Cameron

walk-your-talk-quote1 Michele did my Soul Destiny reading recently. It gave me new information and help that the tradition astrology readings do not cover. walk-your-talk-quote2

Athena Diana
Megan Cameron

walk-your-talk-quote1 I have known Michele Marie for over 20yrs….and in all my dealings with her , Michele has always come from honesty and integrity ..this applies to herself…family…friends…work…and in any and all aspects of life. I would never hesitate in discussing any topic with her….as I know the response would be honest and non-judgemental. walk-your-talk-quote2

Dawn Clark
Amanda Maynard

walk-your-talk-quote1   I was a little bit lost, and doubts were coming at me thick and fast. I had just completed my first 90 days running my own businesses, and when I reflected on it – I wasn’t sure which what to do. I had SO many options that I could invest my valuable time into – and I needed some level of direction to break down to the next level of detail so I could align my soul’s purpose to my goals for the next 90 days.

I had a reading with Michele and it was the most incredible 90 minutes I have spent in a long time. My chart was full of amazing powerful signs and symbols – past, present and future. And the spiritual alignment to where I’d come from and where I am going was awe inspiring.

As a result of the reading, my intuition is turned on to maximum, showing me where to say “Thanks but no” to all the opportunities that are not part of my path, and where to define relationship boundaries to make sure the outcomes that are important to me are going to be met. It’s like a power surge in my soul.Thanks

Michele Marie your reading of my chart was so inspiring walk-your-talk-quote2

Justin Lodge
Business Consultant
Danny Feneck

walk-your-talk-quote1 I highly recommend Michele’s service of a soul destiny reading. My experience and knowledge that was given to me were amazingly in the right direction and it really made me see what my potentials are. This will allow me to pursue things in a better light and really push me to my positives and allow the best qualities to come into the expression of being my true self. Thank you so much I am so happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to keep on following my heart  walk-your-talk-quote2

Randa Ghazi
Personal Trainer
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1 My Soul Destiny reading allowed me to begin to trust who I am, the experience was just a fragment of Michele’s knowledge and understanding. I was blown away at the depth. walk-your-talk-quote2

Nick Marsh
Dog and nature lover
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1 Thank you michele,
Wow!!! My reading has given me an amazing appreciation that it is definitely “written in the stars”
I related to everything that has been mapped out so far,
Your genuine beautiful self, was a joy to be with whilst you talked about me ^_*
A lot of questions have been answered and explained, that those big events in my life were meant to be.
I now have a confidence and curiosity about my future..

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge walk-your-talk-quote2

Naomi Murray
Hair Dresser
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1 Meaningful Soul Destiny Reading by Michele. Deep insights and extraordinary connections through Michele’s in-depth knowledge of astrology. So many layers overlapping to give deep insights Thank you Michele walk-your-talk-quote2

Desley Creedy
Coach and educator
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1  Most amazing experience with My Soul Destiny Reading!
It was much much more than I was expecting.
Michele is one those rare people who has the courage to live her truth or better said Walk her Talk.
She is very talented, knowledgeable and incredibly insightful.
With Michele’s gentle guidance I was able to get clarity and certainty around my purpose in life and confidence to take the right action to move me forward toward my new path.
Thank you Michele, you are a gem!!!  walk-your-talk-quote2

Gisele Almeida
Health Coach
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1  I loved my Soul Destiny reading! So much wisdom and it is like a gift for myself that keeps on giving. I reflect on the information all the time. It has helped with clarity around what I want and has given me a deeper understanding of myself. I’m so looking forward to the next review/session Michele Marie. “Knowledge is power” is what comes to mind. Im very grateful, LOVE LOVE LOVE  walk-your-talk-quote2

Kylie Willem
Relationship coach
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1  To say I was delighted and impressed by my reading would be an understatement. Michele began with events and areas I could verify – which reinforced my trust in her abilities – and explained the reasons behind those experiences.
What was most impressive for me was that she identified a couple of quirks and facets to my personality that I was slightly aware of but no member of my family or circle of friends had ever noticed. Again, she helped me understand these, and this has helped me course-correct continuously, short- and long-term, i.e. my day-to-day life as well as my goals.
So, Michele – I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to gain deeper insights into their own life journey. I deeply appreciate your talents, and wish you all the success that you so truly deserve.  walk-your-talk-quote2

Sumitra Menon
Neil Donovan

walk-your-talk-quote1  I’m feeling so great after my soul destiny reading. Thank you so much for your insight and your time and your intuition.
I felt so joyful hearing you speak of me and my path and my calling. walk-your-talk-quote2

Kelley Storum
Body Image coach