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‘Asking for help when you need to is one of the most powerful ways you can support yourself’

For real and lasting change – a mentor can help you see a new
perspective and see your way clear to a happier and more fulfilled life

You will…

  1. Find out how you can meet your needs in a healthier way without changing who you are
  2. Make lasting change on issues that have plagued you for a life time
  3. Change the belief systems that underpin your life – so that they serve your needs
  4. Shift to a more empowered state by changing your focus, internal dialogue and physiology..
  5. Find out your North star that keeps you naturally motivated and on track

Skype, In-Person and phone Consultations Available

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  • “ I must admit I initially approached health coaching with some trepidation but I need not have worried, for as soon as I met Michele, I felt comfortable and relaxed in her presence.
    From the outset she let me talk, listened intently and then presented her ideas in a way that made me feel optimistic about my future health. She thoroughly assessed my eating habits and lifestyle and gave me a plan to help safeguard my health as well as tips to combat disease.
    I have acquired healthier habits now thus increasing my energy levels and I feel I am well on my way to being emotionally, spiritually and physically healthier.”Megan Cameron

    – Megan Cameron

  • “ I have known Michele Marie for over 20yrs….and in all my dealings with her, Michele has always come from honesty and integrity ..this applies to herself…family…friends…work…food and in any and all aspects of life. I would never hesitate in discussing any topic with her….as I know the response would be honest and non-judgemental.”Dawn Clark

    – Dawn Clark

  • “My initial goal for seeking Michele’s as a health coach, was to gain a more balanced approach to food, after years of being on / off restrictive allergy driven diets and food regimes.
    The fortnightly sessions are helping me to stay focused on achieving my goals,& keep me honest with regards to my commitment to improving my health & wellbeing.
    Michele’s ongoing support, which includes session notes, take home literature, & wonderful recipes have all been invaluable.”Amanda Maynard

    – Amanda Maynard

  • “In my health session with Michele I realised how much we have the answers but simply don’t listen and by having someone to listen and ask the right questions I was able go discover this. Michele gave me the opportunity to talk out loud and by doing this I feel much more hopeful about my future health and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend working with a health coach for anyone serious about their health.”Danny Feneck

    – Danny Feneck