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A snippet of my journey…

Hi, I’m Michele Marie and I’m passionate about helping people relate authentically and powerfully in their professional and personal lives. 

Walk Your Talk has taken a journey from its birth in June of 2015 where I
began as a Health coach. My clients achieved breakthroughs in their self awareness and the myriad of causes that contribute to the physical symptoms of disease. But it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do. Because most of my
working life has mainly been in business and sales, my coaching services widened to the business world in an advisory capacity. This still continues but my real passion
is to work with clients one on one basis in a more personal way and as of
August 2018, I use Astrology as a coaching tool and as a way of helping clients live in alignment with their Soul’s purpose.

I have studied the latest in human potential for over 35 years and 25 years ago I was a practicing professional astrologer for a period of time but I put it aside to raise my children. I continued my interest which helped me understand the unique personalities of my children. In August of 2018, I chose back into my role as an Astrologer after a trip to Spain with Robert O’Hotto (astrologer) and Carolyn Myss (intuitive healer). Robert’s holistic approach to Astrology and his use of the Archetypes spurred me to use this Science as a tool for empowerment. Along with my studies 25 years ago with Kerrie Redgate in Spiritual Astrology and my own Spiritual practices, I have my passion in mapping the Souls destiny and finding ones life purpose. I found that the traditional approaches to Astrology is limiting and often times fatalistic and I am on a mission to help people see the higher octaves in their charts and access their true potential.

My passion for the intuitive arts has been with me from the time I was a child and I’ve always been a keen observer of human behaviour. I think my first word was ‘Why’ and I’ve had a penchant for asking  life’s deeper questions. This stems from observing the struggle of most people to be authentic and empowered in their relationships.

I now have  a much bigger tool kit to offer my clients to achieve real results and lasting change in their business and personal lives through the Astrological model.


My previous business history

Business and Sales 
I helped run and half owned a large Spa retail business called Splashes Spa World for 16 years from 2000. This was my training ground for developing my skill set in sales and business. I sold my share in the business in 2016. I occasionally assist in sales when required.

I wrote a book while I was Health coaching, called ‘Please don’t paint me green’ which has 33 Health tips and tricks on how to maintain healthy habits long term. This was released in 2017.

I ran a successful drum circle facilitation business, est. March 2009, Drum4fun specialised in connecting people through rhythm. I have motivated crowds of up to 150 to find their rhythm and play improvisational music together. I still run occasional drum circles in Byron Bay and also play with some bands on a casual basis.

Business coaching

I am a support coach with Mastery Global and am trained in the Anthony Robbins 7 step coaching method and have also run their corporate drumming team building events. since 2009.

And on a personal level

I have raised 3 beautiful daughters and after they left the nest, I sold my family home in Sydney and moved to Bangalow in Northern NSW. From this beautiful place I have had the time and space to restructure Walk Your Talk and introduce the Astrology component into my coaching.


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“ I have known Michele for 15 years and in that time I can honestly say that this is a woman who walks her talk. She undertakes with great passion anything she sets her mind to. Michele shows up as a passionate and authentic woman who would drop everything to help when the need should arise. Health & wellbeing are very much
Micheles highest values in life. ”

– Karen Wray

Drumming facilitator, Drum4fun

my story

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth symbolises our journey in life – which takes many unexpected twists and turns which ultimately leads us to self realisation… Walking a labyrinth in deep contemplation can unravel problems and reveal answers because it is a walking meditation of letting go and opening up. When we are so outwardly focussed, we often miss the subtleties of our inner wisdom.

Historically it is said that ‘The Labyrinth’ is a form of sacred geometry that has been used in many forms throughout history as a way of leaving the known outer world into the unknown inner world. This is the quest of the soul to find answers to yearning questions or simply to find peace and atonement.

Walking a Labyrinth is very personal and it will be by your own experience that you can know what it is for you.

‘My reasons for choosing the Labyrinth as my symbol is out of respect for everyone’s individual journey towards finding their own answers. We are all at different stages in our growth and I take great care to work with you at your own pace’

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