Awakening to light consciousness 2020

What an incredible opportunity to rise out of this dark age of fear. We are travelling into Pluto’s underworld right now and it is being stirred up by a mass inpouring of our waking light consciousness. How? We are thinking, we are asking questions and we are searching for answers – we want to be lead by truth, we are less compliant, we have tasted freedom of thought. Many of us are well underway to this awakening, some are just beginning. The underworld became the underworld because of everything we don’t want to see – it gets shoved out of sight and out of mind into the dark recesses of our shadow selves. But while we’re not looking, that which is not acknowledged and brought up to the light of truth, can become toxic, defensive and fearful, which of course keeps us in a very vulnerable and disempowered state. We are living in a historical time and I am reminded of Plato’s cave. One of the scariest moments in anyone’s life is when they walk out of the dark shadows of that cave, into the burning fire at the entrance of the cave and into the light of day – or awakened consciousness. We know this feeling when we try to speak up, and we face disagreements of our point of view or when we risk disapproval. That pit of fear we feel to simply speak our truth, the pressure to conform holding us back. There is massive divide between those that wish to uphold the old paradigm and conform – and those that want to awaken to spiritual laws, governed by light. It is my heart felt wish, simply for truth to be known and for compassion to fill every heart.

Firstly, what is in the way of this awakening? ⏰ đŸ’ȘđŸŒđŸ€ŽđŸŒđŸ‘ŒđŸ»
For ages in history, since the beginning of time, we have had a ruler to lead us. We faithfully follow not only for our survival but also for acceptance by our family, clan or society. To not follow the rules as set, even if it goes against our very fibre causes extreme resistance by others, verging on attack. We risk being banished, punished, fined, blackmailed, tortured or worse. Fear runs deep in our collective psyche and we know only too well the pain or consequences we have suffered in our distant ancestral memories if we go against parameters of allowable behaviours set for us. The good news is that this is changing. We are coming into a time where freedom of speech and encouragement of self expression is at an all time high, but not completely yet. Control by outer force still seems necessary to keep the many who are not in touch with their own inner guidance in a state of cooperation. We will see if light and common sense prevails or if we still need the strong arm of control to manage our will. As the balance tips, we will be evaluating our leadership and where to place our trust. The choice remains with the people as to which master they will follow and whether we are genuinely ready to use our power and freedom wisely for good. If we are not – we will continue to need an outer force to keep us in line. It appears the balance to freedom of thought and speech has not tipped in our favour just yet, it has for some, but not for the majority.

Who leads? đŸƒđŸŒâ€â™€ïžđŸƒđŸŒâ€â™‚ïž
So what happens when uncertainty pervades our very existence, permeating fear not only within our own bodies but also toward our loved ones and fellow man? When many of us are separated and alone. Where do we go for our answers? We are desperate for certainty and we will likely take the easy option of our old familiar ways. We will do anything to get our life of normality back. And how we do this will be different for every person, some will look to their trusted chief, but how complete is that trust in our leaders right now? Many are now looking for a new way that takes into consideration the good of the whole of humanity. It is a time of change in how we view authority. And we can look to Saturn for clues about this. To follow a leader completely and compliantly we must trust that our leadership has our best interests at heart. And here lies the problem, there are leaks in the very foundation of what we have known and trusted.

Saturn’s lesson in Pluto’s realm đŸ‘źđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŠčđŸŒâ€â™‚ïž
Saturn in our chart indicates where we are feel weak, fearful, inadequate or incomplete in ourselves and highlights what we must strengthen and or master. Saturn’s lessons begin in childhood – when we feel most intimidated by authority figures. And for the very reasons of our inadequacy it is the area we are most likely to want to work on and strengthen or where we are most likely to avoid at all costs. To know this karmic sore spot in your chart is to know where to master your own inner authority figure. That way you can rise to the challenge rather than shrink in fear. It bears witnessing how you are responding to the current world crisis and your relationship to your own inner authority because collectively Saturn has just had a deep and dark interaction with Pluto the God of the underworld. What is rising up to be unearthed is our relationship to power and our use and or abuse of it. We are being called upon to connect to our courage (cour means heart) as we relate to the powerful forces of opposition that are testing us right now. Look closely because it is an incredible opportunity to call forward your inner master and if you have been doing your spiritual work, you will see fear for what it is and have renewed perspective to see through it. We are being asked to stand up as leaders, not as followers and to be guided by our search for truth. Jupiter has also arrived into Pluto’s domain and is seeking for a reevaluation of where we search for meaning. If you are experiencing confusion, use it as a trigger to search for answers and to move toward what feels right for you. If you are willing to face what is, as it is, with an open heart, you will begin to realign yourself to your inner knowing. This requires deep listening, so meditation and inner reflection is highly recommended or please find a mentor you can trust to help you if you need some extra support. You may find yourself in the throws of confusion and fear, we are in isolation, but it does not mean separation, so please reach out and connect. We need each other more than ever now as we face the God of our own underworld. Keep questioning, communicating and connecting to help raise your awareness.

Jupiter’s search for meaning in 2020 👀 âšĄïžđŸ’„
As children we didn’t question that 12 reindeers can fly a chariot in the sky to deliver every child in the world their presents on Christmas eve. They believe that Santa will come down the chimney, that he will eat the cookies and that he knows if they are naughty and nice. Children have total trust in what their parents say – their authority figure. What if they never grew up? What if they never questioned? What if they continued throughout their entire life to believe what they were told. Would they have a strong sense of identity and personal power? Jupiter is still in the underworld in Capricorns grip of survival and control, so he’s challenged by the restriction on his free thinking mind. But he’s still busy, expanding what he sees in the underworld and gathering information, stirring the pot and bringing up some dark secrets to check out later. As we walk through the shadows, it’s like walking through a mine field and one has to tread carefully. Jupiter says, ok, let’s make the problem huge so we can see it. When he heads into Aquarius any hidden agendas or shadow projections from Plutos domain will be highlighted. This is not until December, so there is more to come! Patience required! Jupiter or Zeus is the God of Olympus who knew and saw everything. From this higher perspective, he can view the the effects of both good and evil and is the protector of the innocent. He will throw a lightening bolt or two at the wicked, so we can expect some disturbance if he doesn’t like what he sees. What is right and good always wins in the end. Aquarian energy doesn’t care too much about rules or hanging onto outmoded systems, especially if they are based on greed or an abuse of power. It will become absolutely apparent at this time, but more so toward the end of the year. It will affect us very deeply if our trust is broken but it will be a catalyst for our own growth and evolvement. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, to have such a major overhaul of everything we know to be true.
Jupiter in our own chart reveals where we want to expand, explore and grow and where we want to experience life more fully, so it will be quite an electric time of self discovery as we rise out of this dark time. I don’t think it will be easy but it will be necessary. Jupiter in Aquarius is more about uplifting humanity with higher truths. It can also involve technology and a drive for a new higher, better and faster access to information in the sign of Aquarius, so we will see how that plays out.

Keep pouring in light đŸ’«đŸ’«đŸ’«
A bucket of water that has been there for a while, will have sediment settled on the bottom. The water may look clear, and may remain that way until there is a disturbance. And that could be the light pouring into the bucket – or in this analogy, filling the bucket with a high pressure hose of clear water. The silt is going to get stirred up and the muddy water that was out of sight is really going to show – until it eventually clears. So while things are shaking loose, try not to get too disturbed, there is a massive cleansing happening. Keep doing your part to pour in your positive energy, everyone’s efforts, no matter how great or small will make a difference to evolving the whole of humanity. When we have a goal or a dream, we don’t focus on the twists and turns in the road, we focus on our vision or destination knowing we will eventually get there! Please hold your focus on our health, our healing and our awakening to higher consciousness.
Light to you all on your personal journeys, as you negotiate your way forward through this amazing time.

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