A time to wake up?

When I was a child, I used to think that when I woke up in the morning I went to sleep and when I went to sleep at night I woke up.

Astrologically there is a massive push to awaken. Saturn and Jupiter have been hanging out in Plutos underworld in Capricorn which indicates that this awakening will be breaking down what was once reliable and secure, throwing us into turmoil, uncertainty and fear. But who hasn’t had a massive realisation or a big wake up call in hard times – it works exceptionally well. We all know deep down, we wouldn’t be who we are today if it wasn’t for the tough times that have brought us to our knees. Does the world need a big fat humility pill right now? Could be – I don’t think there is a single person who can successfully descipher the web of illusion just yet. It requires a trip into the underworld and who wants to do that? Try to remember truth and light will win in the end – so hold tight and try not to panic. Anyone who has watched Cowboys and Indians knows the good guys never lose. Shine your light and loving at this time, we need each other more than ever!

What would it be like to truly wake up in our world? We all see according to our own beliefs, and there lies the dilemma – there are 7.5 billion ways to see the world? And 7.5 billion ways we are affected by Covid – Would fighting this war end if we could drop our shields of being right and move to being open? One way to do this is with gratitude – find whatever you can to be grateful for – are you in your own home, country and environment? Many are not. Are you healthy and well? Many are not. It could always be worse.

What would it look like to see the world simply as it is? – dynamically alive in the present moment, not as we think it is, not as we are told it is, not as we want it to be but as it is. An open mind can raise our perspective to take in almost any point of view. We can’t do this from a fixed and limited perspective shaped by ours or another’s beliefs. Waking up is fresh new and alive – it is like the breath, it cannot be contained, it can only be experienced. And there lies the next dilemma, letting go of safety, of the familiar, the tried and tested, the old ground we’ve walked on before for our security. This is hellishly scary for most people to contemplate because of our inherent need for certainty.

Take a look at a beachball.
If I am to look at this beach ball from my perspective it is going to be red, and if you take a look at it, it is going to be blue. We can argue about who is right for days on end and who will be right? When would this argument end? To try and win you over or for you to win me over will simply result in separation, a war or stale mate. The only way out is up where we can both get a higher perspective to take in all sides. And how do we do that? The first step is to let go of where we and set ourselves free. This can feel like a mini death. A death of certainty and predictability into the unknown. What is it like to set yourself free, to let go and to open up to the new and untried? Sometimes life forces us into these places if we will not willingly go.

To deny what I know to be true, that the beach ball is red, just to get along with you and to stop the argument would be a mini lie to myself. So how can we resolve this argument or difference of opinion?
Will I lose any sense of self to listen to your experience and discover your perspective? Will I gain any power, prestige or status to have you succumb to my beliefs or bend you to my will? By being open to you and you to me – we will lift each other to a higher vision where we will see the ‘both and’ of life. That the ball is red and blue and also many other colours. This seems so easy – but WOW – it clearly is not if we look at the state of our world today! (April 2020)

Life is simple
There are only 3 rules to follow in our interactions with each other to ensure our safety and respect for each other.

1. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt another
2. Take care of yourself so that you can help take care of others.
3. Use everything for your learning, upliftment and growth.

Here are 7 ways you can tell if a person is awake or awakening…

1. They are good listeners.
2. They ask questions about your experience and they want to understand you.
3. They actually enjoy different perspectives because they value growth over being right.
4. They have no need to defend their position because connection is more important than correction.
5. They enjoy discovering who you are more than the content of the discussion as they know things change and love transcends time and space.
6. You won’t feel judged, because they will accept you just the way you are.
7. You will feel an extra measure of safety in the presence of an awake person.

So have no fear around an awake person, you are free to talk all about your blue beach ball. The question is how do you handle it when they tell you they can see all of the colours of the rainbow?

How do you deal with the person who only sees red?
It depends on you what you want, whether you want to be right or whether you want to grow? The choice is always there in every interaction you have to expand to a higher perspective or remain on the ground floor. We are all the same, our greatest need is to be listened to and understood and because we rarely get it, we fight for it and or defend our position. We are just not used to people being kind to us. It is very sad to even write this.

If the awake person feels they can share their vision they will but if they see that it is causing too much disturbance, they will respectfully decline. They will try to tailor the conversation to bring in a new perspective without causing too much disturbance but this is not always possible. It is always the awake persons responsibility to adapt to the situation so as not to inflict. This can be difficult as people can be very defensive about their position and take offence over what is ultimately a changing belief – as all beliefs change. Not every awake person gets this right. This is the time forgiveness, allow mistakes as they are learning experiences. If the awake person is missing the mark, they will absolutely be seen as the enemy and must eat humble pie and back down. This is much easier the more awake you are; if it is hard or near impossible to let go and allow space for the other person, there is a lower perspective at play keeping you stuck. It is more important to come from love in these times in order to soften and rise.

Awakening is a constant dance, and most people are a mix of the two. The fully awake person is a rare find. No one is exempt from paying attention – anyone can fall asleep, even the most enlightened. It requires eternal vigilance on this physical level to not slip back into old survival patterns of the past.

When we left our Spiritual home to enter our physical life, we left holism to experience duality. Depending on how polarised we are, some see red, others see blue and as our perspective expands we get to see the entire rainbow and as a result emit a beautiful aura of peace and safety of presence. It is just a matter of elevation if your perspective is narrow. This is where the saying Let Go and Let God comes from. A lightness of being and a raise in vibration.

It is my wish for us all to have respect for each other’s perspective and to have the freedom to choose what feels right – and to never have that taken from us.

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