Why are 95% of us are sick and unhappy?

Why are the statistics so high? How did it get this bad?

Have you ever had that uncomfortable conversation with a friend about how someone you both know, who is your age, has died or has a terminal illness, a divorce or is depressed? And now you are forced to take a closer look at yourself! You may pat yourself down to see what aches or take a closer examination of your own state of mind or circumstances. We may at this point think of ways we can prolong the inevitable or turn a blind eye and look for our next quick fix. Either way, we remain in a contracted state fearing that life is out to get us.

What if the truth is that everything, no matter how difficult was there to open you up to your full potential and to bring you back to your natural and normal state of being happy and healthy?

We don’t believe this though do we? We put on our battle gear and battle our way through life.

But it’s true and always has been…. didn’t we start out this way?

Have you ever relished in the joy of life through a child’s eyes, where everything is new and amazing. Try walking with a 2 or 3 year old, you will be stopped within seconds to look at the most fantastic crack in the concrete so they can poke a stick into it and what’s even more surprising is that they manage to get you just as engaged!

A child’s mind believes everything was placed there especially for their benefit or pleasure.

So why has this wonder been lost? What changed? Is it meant to be this way or did we misinterpret the purpose of things along the way.

Did we believe the wrong people who also misinterpreted the purpose of things in their own lives?

Believing ignorant unhappy people can have the snowball effect of keeping you miserable, lost and in fear – all of a sudden you’re buried and you can no longer see the light of day.

Follow this sure recipe if you want to F*&# yourself up…

Now there is only one thing to do to make good of a situation like this to get the love you so desire and that is to be true to someone or something other than yourself. Right?

Argh – no, please don’t do this!

You must find your path, find your talk and walk your walk if you’re going to dig your way out of the snowball effect of a miserable life.

But What is my path? What is my walk? And what is my talk? If you have no clue, its not true, you just don’t know where to look.

Start here…

Give your problem only 5% of your attention – any more than that keeps it there.

Defining your problem clearly and acknowledging it is the first step to solving it. If you ignore it and pretend it is not there it will stay buried and steer you further away from your goal of being happy.

If you write your problem down on a piece of paper clearly – that’s about as much attention you should give it.

Then what?

Within every problem there is a solution, spend 95% of your attention on the solution. White down 3 solutions right away – then choose one and head down the path of the one that feels most right for you.

This is the path you know you must be on and the way to remain on the path is to listen to your body’s signals via feelings along the way. It will be right for you when it feels right, when it feels wrong or causes you pain, coarse correct. That’s called using everything to your advantage. There will be ups and downs and that is how it should be – you simply listen and adjust. Eventually the communication system within you will be rewired for your success, health and happiness.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

That’s right, addiction to short-term gratification will only hold you back and throw you off course. We’re not babies anymore.

Letting go of something familiar can feel like a mini death. It can trigger a feeling of loss, even if it was the cause of your pain. You may feel like you have lost your anchor and now you are floating free in a turbulent sea. The anchor may have been pulling you under and could potentially kill you but you don’t care, you will want it back. Why do you think people continue to smoke knowing it is killing them? We will defend what we know because we prefer certainty and what we know more than uncertainty and growth – until we are ready that is.

The only way to get past the pull of death is to focus on the result you want with unwavering faith. Get a clear picture of what you want in your minds eye and keep it as your screen saver. The vision must be of you already having it and how your life will be with your desired goal.

If it is happiness, what will your life look like when you have happiness? What is your internal representation of happiness? The way to find it is to ask yourself ‘Why do I want this and what difference will it make to my life’?

The clearer the vision, the more chance of having your dream realised. And now with your vision clearly on the screen of mind – look at it every day with energy, passion and enthusiasm, and from now on, you can assume that everything is supporting your goal, there are only opportunities on the way and that includes times of testing to prepare you for your new state.

Adopt the mindset that everything is on the way and not in the way – it really is that simple.

And why are the numbers of happy, successful and healthy people is so small? – it’s because we spend 95% of our attention on the problem and only 5% on the solution.

Are you ready to be in the top 5%?

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