2020 The year of Transformation

There is light at the end of the tunnel – current Astrological transits explained.

What an incredible opportunity we find ourselves in right now! We have never had a time in history where the entire world is facing exactly the same problem at the same time. And in that, we also have the opportunity to come together as one to solve it. And it may come as no surprise to you to learn that the planets have a lot to reveal to us about this. I hope to give you some understanding and some certainty that there is a greater purpose at play to bring us back into harmony with natural law. 

Firstly please note, this is my interpretation of the current astrological energies influencing us now. I will explain the energies so that you can piece it together too.

It’s going to sound like a contradiction but the planets themselves are not doing anything to you but because we are made up of energy, like every other species – the planetary influences are simply stimulating what is already within us to be birthed, realised or balanced. The animals outside are under the same influence but they are mostly going about their normal lives in harmony because they don’t need the readjustment. Their lives are humming in tune with the celestial music of the spheres.

I think we can all agree that we are in a pretty bad state right now. We are facing a germ (or influence) that we can not see feel or touch, so the deemed enemy is very hidden and it is the sleuth factor that has put most of us into an extreme state of fear, panic and uncertainty. Everything is seen as dangerous now, even our own family, we are not touching, and our new norm is social distancing and to stay inside our homes.  This is so far from our natural state, that it’s not funny. We are very sick as a society or this would not be happening – but it is happening so we have to ride this wave now and do the best we can.

It’s worth asking ourselves though – how did it get this bad? 

Well, there is a process in play right and we can look to the outer planets of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter for some insights.

We are on a trajectory of coming to the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one – and change is most definitely brewing – triggered by the virus – or ‘fear’, Pluto and Saturn’s  favourite tool for change. 

The transits strongly indicate change

This change is of a transformative nature. I would liken it to the caterpillar going into the chrysalis phase of its growth, it needs to totally dissolve its old body to be reborn as a butterfly (a higher vibration). Our current structures and everything we have relied upon is going through a major overhaul and that which is broken, will be cleared away and that which is working will be made better and stronger. So that’s good news!

Change is very unsettling for most of us, and we can see it is bringing out the best and the worst in people. Whatever has been brewing deep down inside our individual psyches will be squeezed out as the pressure intensifies. 

When squeezed, an orange we will always produce orange juice.

When it comes to humanity though, we will get every colour and shade of the rainbow.

Under pressure, an angry person will get angrier, 

A joyful person will have more joy – much like the Dali lama

An intelligent person, will act intelligently, a controlling person will control. A wise person will show wisdom. A fearful person will respond with fear. We are already seeing this.

Great things can come when things are brought to the surface to be seen and it is my hope that we can make good of this challenge as the muddy waters clear.

It’s worth noting what is coming up for you during this time? If you’re like me, you’re probably a bit of a mixed bag.
Please be gentle and understanding of yourself and others at this time, we are all doing the best we can and there is not a single one that is not affected personally.

When did it start? Jan 7-10, is a significant time stamp.

When Saturn and Pluto were conjuct (the same degree) on the 10th of January – news of the Virus hit Australia. It was a time of great curiosity for most Astrologers as these 2 energies are a very potent combination and can cause extreme disruption to any known structures. What we have relied upon for our safely and security will be sorely tested.

Pluto is the God of buried treasure and a powerful force to be reckoned with and its realm is the underworld, that which is behind what is seen, the underbelly and the choice is change or face destruction to structures set up by Saturn – and even more so because Pluto and Saturn are both in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. We will all be confronting our dark side or hidden nature. Infantile emotions will show up, survival fears, repressed anger can surface when triggered and even jealousies and control issues to name a few.  

Saturn has been in Pluto’s orb since July last year – They were also conjunct on the collective south node which strongly indicates that there are karmic dues from the past. The 2 planets together simply put means ‘destroying of structure’

Saturn in Capricorn in its own sign is very powerful and rules things like government, ambition, maintaining structure and control and keeping the status quo. It also wants status and most definitely to do whatever it takes to win at its own game. It does not like change and wants to hold firm the structures in place.  Pluto wants power and will destroy anything that is broken or weak, it will make the strong stronger and the weak weaker. 

So with these two planets together, knowing our systems are broken, it should come as no surprise that we are seeing a battle of control ensuing.

In combination with Pluto – there is a major test in the use of power – and or abuse of power. 

This a significant time and it feels very much to me like a battle over light and dark forces or good and evil. And what we need right now from everyone is to find their centre, their heart space and hold that the good in people will prevail.

Other transits at this time were Hygea/Moon conjunction in Taurus  which was square to Venus which could indicate a monetary agenda to the Pandemic. 

When combined with Pluto, anything seething and dishonest within the system will begin to develop into a pretty big and monstrous shadow.  Kept hidden and under control for as long as possible. 

Uranus was also in an exact 150 degree orb to Mars – which would have been the sudden appearance of the Virus or ‘threat’. Uranus rules sudden change and Mars rules action and the will.  It came quite suddenly and the change to our normal life was rapid. Mars also opposed hygea (the healer archetype) and Chiron the wounded healer was also in aspect to Mars. So there was a strong indication our health would be challenged and healing needs to be sought. There is always pain associated with Chiron but as we heal, we will find our spiritual gift. It requires a deep surrender. Chiron is in the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars) which indicates aggressive measures to bring about the healing but also something new is being birthed. Chiron in Aries also indicates we must stand up for ourselves and find our own answers, it is not time to put our well being into someone else hands.

Capricorn energy was predominant Early Jan when this began including Mercury and the sun – so communication of the situation was going to be in alignment with the current structured system and not necessarily clear as Neptune was also involved.  Neptune has the effect of clouding situations. Saturn and Capricorn will hold onto its position and being right. Pluto will intensify and even darken any hidden agendas. And that is exactly we are seeing now as the plot thickens. 

March 22nd – was a significant date

I spoke about this time in my last You Tube video, as this was a big day – I thought when I first saw Mars and Jupiter arrive on Pluto’s scene that there would be a war because at the same time Saturn entered Aquarius – the sign of the rebel. Mars is the God of War so it will force the Pluto energy to erupt. Jupiter which is in most cases a positive planet but when conjoined with both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn it will simply expand any existing situation.  Plus Jupiter in Capricorn is suppressed and more cautious and will likely uphold the rules expressed in the current system. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Jupiter looks for truth and meaning but right at that time was overshadowed by too many suppressive influences. This is when we experienced the first lock down laws.

The situation is not unlike a boil under the surface of the skin, it needs to erupt in order for it to heal.  Interestingly the God of communication (Mercury) was in Pisces at this time and conjunct the moon which massively clouds the mind and logical perception. Truth has been very difficult to see, and it has felt like we’re under some kind of spell. There has been a massive divide between people and their varying view points. We have a mixed bag of information to decode, so until things come clear, which they will if Jupiter has its way (coming up) – we all have to do the best we can. There are no absolutes right now.

A lot has already been unearthed that we didn’t know about – and until the timing is right – our best course of action is to observe, question and act in accordance with our own truth and what we feel is best for us and our family. As we unite, I believe healing will come.

Some of the information that will come forward throughout the year will challenge us as it is rising up from deep in our collective unconscious, so hang in there and keep your mind open to what is rising up, not what you want it to be.  An open mind can be liberated, a closed mind cannot. Jupiter loves an open mind and wants us to think outside the box when it enters Aquarius in December.  For now, I would suggest to observe and ask questions, just let go and let it play out. The truth will eventually become very obvious to us all and my guess it won’t be pretty.

There is a big intensification coming up – in the line up of retrograde planets so watch these dates – 

Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will all go retrograde at roughly the same time which is extremely unusual.

Pluto April 25th

Saturn May 12th

Jupiter May 15th

 – so until they go direct and Jupiter goes into Aquarius,  we will be in the thick of uncertainty.

Like I said – it will get worse so that the problem can be seen.  If it can’t be seen – it can’t be changed. We will get the result of where we put our focus; it will be your choice where you source truth. It is a test of which God you are listening to. If you find yourself contracting in fear, you are attuning to a dark force, if you are expansive and hopeful, you are attuning to the light. If you are connected to your centre of peace, the truth will be easier to see, my suggestion is to keep your mind very open right now and just observe and let what is in motion play out. 

I suspect there will be a lot of agitation coming from the people because of the confusion and uncertainty.

If you go with it, you can make a lot of progress during this time and even access your creative genius. While the planets are slowing down, it is time to take stock, go within and get some perspective. It is a planning phase and also a time to do research. And with Uranian energy, it could be planning a rebellion, at worst or at best – a new and better way of doing things. Uranian energy also rules technology – so I’ll leave you with that thought.

Pluto  April 26th – October 5th

As Pluto goes retrograde – April 25th, the sun and Uranus are in Taurus, conjunct on that day. We will be getting a bit stir crazy from our loss of freedom as it squares Saturn (restriction). Taurus enjoys chilling out very much, but Uranus will be saying – hey, I’m getting bored. Uranus rules Aquarius and wants to be free, wants change and wants to break down structures but its time is not yet with the Saturn square – there will be a strong arm imposed. 

Mars is in Aquarius as well with a harmonious angle to Venus so people will be finding all sorts of inventive ways to communicate and relate. The moon on that day will be in a harmonious angle to the Pluto Jupiter conjunction. The pull of family and connection will be strongly missed and will start to override the restrictions we find ourselves in.  There could be some allowances made for family. Mercury the God of communication will have a bit to say about it – many voices roaring and fighting at this time – Mercury is in Aries – and in Aries, Mercury does not hold back when it has something to say especially when square to Jupiter and Pluto – this is what marks the first of the retrogrades – Pluto. It remains in retrograde until October 5th when it moves forward again. 

A retrograde is a slowing of the energy, an intensification and the energy is more deeply felt inwardly than outwardly projected.  It is time to take stock of a situation, so I would say for this period, people are going to be coming to some realisations and will feel very stirred up. 

This is like a war, but not how war has been. This is a war of control vs freedom and fear vs trust. You can picture in the details you see about this. I think with these intense energies there will be some bucking of the system. There will be a divide between the people.  Hopefully we can remember to be kind.

Saturn May 12th – Sept 29th

Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn for one last time to check out what we can adhere to in our current societal foundation. Our sense of security will be tested and questioned or the control may intensify. There could well be a greater divide between those that want things to remain the same and those who want change. Saturn has had a taste of Aquarian energy, the rebel so its just checking in on whether it’s ready to take the leap of change or not. Serious evaluations will be made on what we can trust.  The question is do we feel safe – not only our leaders but also the world and each other. Tighter controls may be imposed as the old system tries to hang on. Anything broken will be highlighted and become apparent as the assessment of collateral damage takes place. Saturn’s message is very much about self mastery and highlights any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. The limitations will be assessed and control may tighten for a while but it is unlikely to be accepted when Saturn fully returns to Aquarius December 17th, same time as expansive Jupiter.

Jupiter May 15th – September 14th

May 15th Jupiter heads back for a return to hang out with Pluto again to pick up some more pieces to the puzzle in the underworld. July 1st Jupiter and Pluto will conjoin again. Jupiter will be looking for new truths in Pluto’s underworld and unearth some more secrets to bust the boil a little more. As discussed, any covert operations at play will be prodded and poked, highlighted and expanded with Jupiters influence. It could be shocking for most people to come to terms with as all of these outer planets are digging around the underworld together. It is a game of survival of the fittest but it will become more and more difficult to hide in the shadows. The purpose of the retrograde is to dig deep and take another look. There will be a lot under the surface festering, wanting to remain hidden but it will be more and more difficult to hold it together if it is not of sound intention. Remember Jupiter seeks truth and meaning and in Capricorn, the approach is more serious, especially along side Pluto and it could blow up pretty big, especially if what is needed for healing is suppressed. It feels like a war between darkness and light so I would advise the role of observer and try not to get too caught up in the fight. If you keep your heart open and adhere to what you know to be right, you will be held in good steed. As Jupiter reaches Aquarius in December the energy will be less selfish and self-serving and more for the good of the whole. Aquarian energy is about working together, taking care of  human rights, being more tolerant of differences and freedom of expression in all of its unique forms.

December 20/21st

Jupiter wants truth, and it will get it – it will come, and I believe things will start to come to the surface to be seen once Jupiter hits Aquarius because Aquarius is the sign of not only the rebel but also the humanitarian, it wants what is good for all of mankind. It also rules the higher mind, so we will gain new perspectives. Aquarius will push for truth at any cost and it loves to try new ways of doing things.  Jupiter goes into Aquarius  December 20th and conjoins Saturn at this time. Joy and responsibility combined in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This will be a very interesting time. I think the lights will start to go on – people will see more clearly. 

To reinforce this, both the sun and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius – Jupiter’s sign. Sagittarius and Aquarian energies combined like this indicates the beginnings of seeing things in a new and more positive light.  Mars will be square to Pluto though so there could be some fight left or some anger as the real picture and ramifictions are brought to light. Alternatively it can also be the power and push to make the much needed changes and adjustments. Mars is in Aries so it does indicate a fight or a forward motion to start anew.  We will see – there is always a divide between people, but I am hoping a healing begins at this time. and that people will be more tolerant of differences and make decisions that benefit the many and not the few.

To further emphasise this higher perspective, on the 21st of December, Neptune and the moon is conjunct in Pisces which is wonderfuly idealistic and altruisic, so I’m hoping there is a loving and spiritual energy bringing us all together. We will begin to realise what’s important as we reflect on the changes that have been birthed out of 2020 and as the year says, we will clear up our vision and see more clearly (2020)! To add to this scenario, Vesta – the asteroid symbolising light is exactly opposite the moon – particularly on this day. Vesta wants purity, light and truth.

If you have been doing your Spiritual work – you will find yourself handling this time better than most. We are not alone, there are spiritual beings working to lift the vibration of our planet on the other side and your light is very much needed for this healing to take place. Every single person counts toward our collective healing, this is such an important time and the world needs your light, we are all in this together. Everything you do toward opening your heart and mind will make a huge difference to our conscious awakening.

If you would like a deep dive into your own chart and how you are being impacted right now personally, please make contact. I can get your birth time for you if you don’t have it and we can take a good look at how you can make the most of this time in history.