Find answers to the big questions like
‘Who am I and why am I here’

Astrology is a way of knowing yourself and maximising your potential

  • Know Yourself : Soul Destiny reading – A thorough holographic interpretation of your Natal astrology chart to reveal your Soul Destiny and Archetypes. Your birth chart is a sacred contract outlining the agreements you made before you were born as explained by the energies of the planets and their interactions. You will understand how to maximise your potential and use your energy more wisely with your newfound self awareness. Results expected are clarity of purpose and improved self esteem.
    Currently half price @ $225
  • Know your child: Our children have their own personalities and life path. Knowing your child’s innate personality type and archetypes, through an interpretation of the natal chart, will help you bring out the best in your child. Improve your parenting by encouraging your childs’ strengths and supporting them through their challenges.
    Price per child @ $120
  • Know your partner: Our relationships can be improved when we understand and accept our partners natural way of being. Couples Astrological chart synastry readings brings clarity, compassion and understanding to your relationship. Note: Permission is required if your partner is not present. .
    Couples readings $225
  • Coaching support: Ongoing regular support and coaching to guide you through difficult life challenges. 3 or 6 month programs. Fortnightly or weekly coaching depending on your needs.
    3 months – fortnightly calls $675
    6 months – fortnightly calls $1200
  • Time check: Don’t know your exact birth time? Not a problem. Your time can be checked by my skilled kinesiologist over the phone.
    Time checks – $45

There are 7.4 billion people on the planet all seeking for love, understanding and connection in a myriad of ways. Astrology opens the way to improving our relationships with ourselves and others. 

A good astrologer can intuitively interpret and articulate the energies of your chart in a way that empowers you to access your highest expression as well as understand the shadow aspect when the lessons of those energies are avoided or denied. Ultimately the choice is ours to bring ourselves to the light of self knowledge and awareness. Astrology can reveal the timing of our breakthroughs and offer clues as to the soul purpose behind our biggest challenges.
Life truely is a Hero’s journey and we’re all on it!

I am here to stand by you and support you on your journey as your mentor, guide and coach. Astrology opened my eyes and heart to me at the young age of 19 and I know it can for you too. I have continued my studies of this fine art as well as the latest in personal growth and human potential ever since.
It is a great privilege and joy for me to peek into your life and to support you in your journey of self discovery.

Please note – I don’t do predictions or take power away from you in any way – I read in a way that taps into your potential. I am not a psychic. I am an intuitive and when I read for you, your chart comes to life. When I study your chart prior to the reading, I am looking at your map, when we read together, I am visiting the country.

There’s only one thing for you to do if you want to have the great unveiling of your chart

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‘There is a place inside of you that is very sweet and very pure and also very powerful’

- Karen Wray

– Michele Marie

My Story

When I had my first astrology reading at 19,  I catapulted to a whole new level and felt validated for the first time, I was no longer a lost soul.

For over 35 years I have been on a spiritual quest which has lead me to search the deeper truths and mysteries of life. Astrology is just one tool of many …

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