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Soul destiny readings and coaching

I use Astrology, intuition (deep listening) and coaching to help you answer the age old questions – Who am I? and Why am I here?

  • Level 1: 30 minutes – The turn around session – become empowered in the challenge you currently face.
  • Level 2: Astrology reading – an interactive interpretation of your natal astrology chart
  • Level 3: Ongoing coaching support

We were all born into a family and society that imposed their values on us from the moment we took our first breath. It is important for all of us to rediscover our true nature if we want lasting happiness and a fulfilled life. 

We are not all the same!

Together we will address these and other developmental forces…

  • Your first impressions of life and how it influences the rest of your life
  • How you naturally process information and your life experiences
  • Your latent gifts and talents calling for expression
  • What you innately value and and how to tie that in with your goals
  • Uniting the whole – see where you project and lose power and bring it back
  • How you relate, both masculine and feminine.  – finding peace with your natural way.
  • How to have healthy robust soul esteem that makes you unshakeable

And more.

‘There is a gift in every challenge and a challenge in every gift’

I am here to stand by you and support you on your journey as your mentor, guide and coach.

There’s only one thing to do…

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‘Have you accepted less than feeling amazing? Would you like to do better? YES!’

- Karen Wray

– Michele Marie

My Story


I am amazed at how we’ve been given this incredible body and how it puts up with such abuse until finally it gives up.

I have had a consistent and keen interest in health and wellbeing for most of my adult life. I have researched and inquired into…

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