Increasing Energy flow


Would you waste your money the way you waste your time and energy?

If you?

  • Lack motivation
  • Have a health condition
  • Say yes when you mean no
  • Find it difficult to make decisions

You may be suffering from energy leaks!

How are you taking personal responsibility in these 7 areas of life?

  • Health – Includes diet, physical activity and mindset
  • Relationships – Includes social and personal
  • Career – Includes aligning with values, goal setting and personal growth
  • Financial – Includes future planning and present spending habits
  • Creativity – Includes self expression in all its forms
  • Home environment – Includes comfort, support and nurturing
  • Spiritual – Includes all faiths and beliefs and your daily practice

Energy is often leaked where you least expect it! By opening up, digging deep and evaluating these 7 areas, you will identify where you’ve been wasting your energy, or worse… giving it away.

Would you give your money away or let people take it?
Then why do you do it with your energy?
Without an abundance of energy everything becomes a chore, further draining you. You may have already discovered this. If you continue to ignore where your energy is leaking,  eventually your vital life force will become depleted and you will start withdrawing energy from your biology. This is the beginning of failing health and in some cases serious diseases or early death. This is an unfortunate side effect of not taking care of your energy.

Is it time for you to face yourself in all honesty
take stock of the 7 areas of life?

Taking stock of the 7 areas of life can be difficult on your own. Engaging the support of a personal growth coach will help you sustain positive lasting change so that you don’t fall back into old habits.

If you do this, you will…

  • Say yes to opportunities with enthusiasm
  • Express your gifts and talents with confidence
  • Know you can achieve what you set your heart and mind to do.

In just 3 months of personal growth coaching you will have…

  • More energy and confidence
  • Know yourself and what’s right for you
  • Learn how to communicate more honestly, especially with yourself
  • Make wiser choices
  • Know how to live an abundant life in all 7 areas

Discover more about what Walk your talk programs can do for you…

  • One on One coaching
  • Group Workshops.
  • Inspiring presentations to motivate your group toward self leadership

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‘Have you accepted less than feeling amazing? Would you like to do better? YES!’

- Karen Wray

– Michele Marie

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I am amazed at how we’ve been given this incredible body and how it puts up with such abuse until finally it gives up.

I have had a consistent and keen interest in health and wellbeing for most of my adult life. I have researched and inquired into…

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